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Survey Awesomeness!!

I want to kick off these posts by simply taking a second to introduce myself and the little guy my terrier friend Rocky “The Rock star” Little in the picture that brought you to my page!  He is almost 20 pounds of holy terror, a great shot when it comes to chasing his “helicopter” curly tail, and the shaggiest big dog in a little dog’s body you will ever meet.

My name is Bea, and I am a writer, freelancer, brand consultant, dog lover, snake enthusiast, friend to spiders within my home (we have an unspoken agreement), I am allergic to bees but they tend to leave me alone, I am a dog whisperer, and I spend my mornings reviewing books and products online for various clients, working online as a brand consultant, checking out the latest fashions, movies, gadgets, tech, products, music and media, books and luxury products.  I get paid (a bit) as a guest blogger for a couple of different web sites, commenting on everything from recipes I’ve tried to the latest diy natural product recipes!  And I spend at least part of that time filling out surveys for different companies, giving my opinion on brands and the newest fashion and products, hence the job description “Brand Consultant.”  I came up with that description myself, but if you take surveys online, isn’t that what you’re doing, really, when you think about it?

I provide my opinion on the newest, hottest products, fashions, technology, and tech, for unnamed companies, when I fill out a survey, essentially letting them know what’s what and what I liked and didn’t about a recent product or brand I’ve used. So….. hence the term “Brand Consultant.”  Plus, it sounds really good!

So, onto the reason for this post.  I had to literally tear myself away from the site I’ve been on for the last hour and a half yes, really, a survey site, taking surveys and completing my profile, and then I just had to share my link, build my network of friends, my downline, a little bit, and be able to share it with all my great and awesome friends on my social media, linking to twitter and Facebook and maybe a couple of pics on Pinterest, all that good stuff.  But why not go the extra mile and explain a little bit why I’m sharing, in my own words, and the best way to do that is with a post!

I now have a “real” blog, a domain name, and can post at will, and probably should, so that’s what i am doing. This post is to introduce myself a bit, and Rocky, of course, and set my blog up to be giving my awesome followers some info on the site I’m sharing with you all!

So go to it, click on the site already, sign up (it’s totally free) and start sharing with all your friends, and then fill out ALL your profiles (only takes a minute or two) and start the ball rolling right by diving right into the surveys!

And I’ll see YOU on the inside!!


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