Aloha, beautiful awesome people!  This week we will be talking a bit about what is commonly referred to as a “crazy coffee life”!!  Haven’t you ever wondered why there are oodles and oodles of Pinterest posts, Instagram uploads, internet pictures, Youtube videos and page after page of web content and recipes online about coffee!  Recipes on how to make your own lattes and cappuchinos at home, videos galore on Youtube, and even dozens and dozens of books and kindle e-books for sale (and even for free!) on Amazon itself, all having to do with coffee!  And if you are anything like me, you’ve found all this sitting at your computer, coffee in hand!

There is a reason the internet is so saturated with coffee-related everything, and it’s due to what I call the “crazy coffee life”.  Coffee fuels our desires, colors the world for us brightly and boldly, teases our tastes, jump-starts our mornings, gives us a way to connect with current and new friends and sometimes even old friends, too. Coffee ultimately gives us a bean-flavored, french vanilla caffeine coma, awesomely fun and extremely frivolous way to bring flavor to our lives!

So whether it’s that first morning flavor-filled sip, anticipation of a Starbucks cappuchino run, the perfect homemade Latte, or a sneaky bean-infused inferno caffeine haze, if you live the Crazy Coffee Life, you live a life filled with flavor and hope.

And coffee, of course!

#aloha #coffee #crazycoffeelife until next time, friends!

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