It’s A New Day

Okay, so I’ve been waking up most mornings in pain lately because of an infected tooth that is only complicating further medical problems I won’t go into here. But this stuff does keep me in bed -and in pain- at times, so while just for that simple fact, working from home as a Brand Consultant and Freelance Blogger is perfect for me, sometimes it means that I haven’t posted on my own blog for a bit, and I always feel a little bit guilty about that.

And the struggle hasn’t been super bad, but now because of the tooth pain, has been steadily getting worse, so mornings are sort of rough. But today, it’s somewhat of a good day. There are blessings to look upon, despite the struggles, like there always are if I’m just willing to find them. Or some mornings, just make something up! hehe

So one of my greatest blessings I got to wake up to this morning was talking to my better half and getting a kiss goodbye before he left for work, probably to go fix something else for someone. And I actually do know from experience that whenever I wake up later then he does and he’s gone because he’s already left for work, and I didn’t even get that kiss goodbye, that is just about the one thing that will really sour the entire day for me, or at least the morning. But I got my kiss this morning, so that’s a good thing. He is such a blessing to me, so much the calming influence in this otherwise hectic, stressful, terrible, beautiful, messy life that I call my own.

Oh, yeah, and even though it’s bound to get way too hot today, again, and sometimes I think I’d rather the cold weather just come back to stay, at least I still get to look out my window and see green growing things everywhere I look, and we have fish so I can always hear the water running in the background as I work, and hear the birds talking to each other outside. All this nature surrounding me is actually comforting and healing in a way, and so much reminds me of home. And coffee, coffee is always a blessing.

And that will always be nothing but a blessing filled with aloha for me.

So aloha to all, and to all a very awesome and caffienated morning!

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