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Living The Dream

Okay, so I had a dream last night, and in a way it wasn’t very pretty. Hazy memories of wandering lost through a desert, wandering blindly through the fog, lost and left searching for something/someone, an unidentifiable something missing I knew I had to locate, or end up being forever lost, coupled with that ever-present anxious fear riding me, the fear of failing, never being good enough, fear that I had given up and failed simply because of stepping off my writer’s path for a minute.

Not fun, but I’m not the only one. These are fears/doubts/anxieties that everyone trying to be successful at something experiences every day, especially writers. Most specifically writers, I think, simply because we deal in words, especially when it comes to marketing ourselves and our value as writers, whether it’s copy writing, writing business articles, fiction, non-fiction and e-books, children’s books, or any of the rest. And there really are way too many pitfalls out there for us word-smiths to maybe end up getting lost in, like writers block, procrastination, doubting abilities or values, and sometimes simple laziness. Way too many possible pitfalls, and really very few ways to keep from falling into those very common traps.

Habits Habits Habits pretty much being the only antidote when it comes down to it, though. Out of all the many words of wisdom, little things to remember, rules of effective writing, habits of those effectively and productively living the writer’s life, out of all the hoards of stuff to remember that we won’t always remember, it really comes down to habit, at it’s purest, simplest basis, as it does with everything else.

I must read and write every day, because that’s my path. I’m a Writer, a Word Smith, a Story Teller, a Song Spinner, Idea Generator, Content Creator, and a Crafter. So, since I am a Writer, the essential habit that must follow and permeate my life to the point of it being the air I breathe, is habit, such as the two easiest, and hardest for any writer, reading something every day, and especially writing something every day.

So anytime I wander off my writer’s path for a second, I try to remember that, and get back on the path as quickly as possible, going back to the basics, getting that habit back, and then being right back on my own path to success!

And I challenge everyone, my readers now and the ones I haven’t yet reached, I challenge each and every one of you, to pick your path, whatever that may be to you, and develop habits to match that path, and of course, read and write every day!!

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