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Youtube Red Review

So, along with my crazy coffee life enjoyments and fun things like survey awesomeness and living the writer’s life, I have been trying out Youtube Red for my music lately, a service that allows me to do way more then simply watch youtube videos. I can still watch any music videos I want on my phone, or even my computer, just as before, by opening Youtube on my phone, but now, with their service I can play videos offline, too, and save/download them in an easy-to-reach accessible off-line folder in the Youtube app. It’s a thing of beauty, I tell you!

I’ve tried other services like Spotify, Amazon Unlimited Music, and Itunes music services, and while those are all well and good, I mostly use Youtube for watching videos, anyway. So it’s a little bit more of a better fit for me, and I highly recommend their service to anyone who loves Youtube as much as I do!

I started with the trial, and then after the trial end, which is quite extensive, a couple of months, I think, it will be around ten dollars a month, and it really is a very cool service for being a very decent price. I mainly got the service for the Ad-free Videos, Background Play, and the Save Offline features, so I could play offline videos without a connection, as well as the normal on-line videos, in the background, even with the app minimized, whenever I wanted, and not deal with those pesky ads. All very awesome, but there’s actually more to it then that! I get exclusive content like Members-Only Shows and Youtube Red Originals movies, listen to personalized stations in audio-only mode, and playable in the regular Youtube and Youtube Kids apps, as well as the included free access to Google Play Music that comes with it!

In fact, now I’m watching a Youtube Red Original Movie about one of my favorite artists, Lindsey Stirling, who is very awesome! I highly recommend this service, guys, if you love Youtube, go get it now! It’s practically a free trial, so you can’t lose!

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