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So as my awesome readers can tell by, this site started out being about writing and things of that nature, but has started turning out to be so much more. In a way it’s crazy awesome to think that what started out as about my major passion and obsession -writing- has swiftly started transforming into other areas of my life, but that really shouldn’t be a surprise anymore.

Because don’t words permeate life, anyway? We use the main language of words to convey so many different things, a cool coffee recipe here, a news report of noteworthyness there, words to write by, words to live by, and even words to think by with ideas, concepts, informational e-books, kindle publishing, and just about every other way under the sun we can think of to get our voices heard and ideas across to others.

Words really are the bread and butter of my writer’s life, and thank the gods for that! Even now I’m waiting with baited breath for an email in response to a blogging job I just applied for, and my fingers are very much crossed in hopes the editors will like my writing sample and contact me for some work soon.

And, in the meantime, I am constantly online checking out my favorite websites, on facebook, social media and blogging on my recipe/natural projects sites, and constantly coming up with new ideas for articles to write, ideas for posts, topics to blog about, and of course, ideas for new posts for this site!

I have also been toying with the idea of a newsletter for this blog, so any thoughts on that would of course be welcome! Aloha, my lovelies, and as always, Shade and sweetness to all!

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