Daily Prompt: Tether

via Daily Prompt: Tether

Tether. Tethering harmonies without as within. Music sits and spins and then goes along pathways within, once again.

Creating pathways along the will, words that bleed my pen will spill, but they are mine, kept all to myself, words of harbor, songs of hell, freakish melodies come crawling forth from a mind left broken and spent, and more, a mind without a pen…..

But a voice….. sir, such a voice!

Such a voice as to harbor deep in shadow, eliciting daydreams of storm-song and laughter, the steady flow of words of peace, discordant notes of harmony crashing symphonies singing along raucously without a care of harm. But a tether….

Tethering a life to the deepest, shadow parts of the unseen as sweetest, that tether to life’s song that can only leave Love singing along in discordant glory; that tether, right there, is the tether to a story. That, just there, upon the bust. One single voice, that upraised must, be right there, harbored in darkest souls and most becalmed minds, peaceful and violent lives alike we find, that is where you find true heart, linked body and soul, and more often quietly loved then praised at all.

That is where the tether is. That human connection of Love and Light, Shade and Shadow, in all it’s myriad, forms of simply being. Otherwise……

Otherwise. Are you? But then again, aren’t we, too?

Namaste, my lovelies!

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