Aloha, my lovelies!

Just a few brief words about myself and the purpose behind my website.

These words of mine, and any others’ words I channel with aloha, comes from the heart, straight from a place of truth, words that I feel have value with others and I really do love sharing, I adore that exchange of energies found in stimulating words or received like a gift from reading a good story.

I am a Freelance Blogger, Brand Consultant and Copywriter, my work at home consistently changing from day to day, and revolves around, you guessed it, writing!

My barerfoot writer’s life is not just one simple thing, though. My work from home changes from day to day, so I never know what I will be doing next, whether it’s helping a company improve new or existing products, branding promotion, setting up web content for a company’s email marketing campaign, some social media management, writing another e-books or a few articles to sell on Natural Health and Fitness topics, blogging about writing, or sharing cool new stuff I just found with everybody!

When I believe, I believe wholeheartedly, and I give all of myself to the current job I’m working on involving writing or blog posts, simply because I love having the freedom to make my own choices about what I do for a living, and cannot even call it work, since I get up in the morning looking forward to writing.

So, that is the aim behind my writer’s website, and the idea, to share my writer’s life, my poet’s heart, my words, and anything else I can think of along my journey!

Thank you for reading and many alohas my friends!