Daily Prompt: Lust

via Daily Prompt: Lust Lust. Lusty fingertips trailing across enflamed skin, I'll never be the same again. Lusty eyes go misty. This thrifty lust leaves me yearning with a thirst unquenchable Unreachable fantasies filled with cruel hope, after just one touch. One touch is all lust needs. Until we both bleed lust. Unseeing eyes read… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Lust

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Yoga Chat

Aloha, my lovelies! I'd like to start some chat about one of my favorite obsessions today, Yoga! I adore Yoga, the dynamic differences in the poses and sequences, additional flavors to routine like focusing on breath, or Pranayama, and especially the infinite possibilities possible with creating my very own unique routine. There is so much… Continue reading Yoga Chat


Daily Prompt: Tether

via Daily Prompt: Tether Tether. Tethering harmonies without as within. Music sits and spins and then goes along pathways within, once again. Creating pathways along the will, words that bleed my pen will spill, but they are mine, kept all to myself, words of harbor, songs of hell, freakish melodies come crawling forth from a… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tether