Welcome Mat

Just a small welcome to all my readers and followers, the ones who’ve been here since the beginning and still care to read my words, thank you! For the new ones just starting to trickle in with the best timing as I start to post more and plan more possibly fun things like extra pages, posts and content about my Yoga addiction, long neglected but no longer, many alohas and welcome!

And to those who have yet to find my words, a very heartfelt welcoming greetings and many mahalos (Island appreciation) for when you do read even one post of mine, as long as it should move you, because that’s all I want.

I don’t make these posts just to be long-winded, or contrary, or simply for something to do, although I will admit to being bored enough to amuse myself with the internet at times. I say these words not out of maliciousness or any kind of ill-feeling towards my fellow readers, or even with the intent to offend. Apologies in advance if I ever do offend, by the way, please, let me know and it will be remedied.

I love playing with words, making up stories to touch the heart, moisten the cheeks and surprise laughter or a smile. I write these posts and craft stories with my words -hopefully in an engaging way- to share, to maybe help those in need, to offer words of encouragement and wisdom, and always, to offer aloha. And because I believe my words hold value.

Many alohas to all taking this journey with me!