Suggestion Box

Aloha, my lovelies one and all!

This is the suggestion box, so whatever content you wish to see me add to my constantly growing, blossoming site, please, feel free to add in the comments without prejudice or judgement. I will consider everyone’s words equally, fairly, and with an open mind, as I always aim to do.

Suggestions and comments on bettering my site, my content, and constructive feedback, are always welcome here, and everywhere else on my pages for that matter, but I only ask one thing:

Your words come from aloha, or a place of loving kindness.

No criticism simply to complain with lack of a suggestion for making something better. Please, no bullying or trying to control other’s opinions or beliefs in the comments, harmful comments will be trashed by me, as I don’t care for those attitudes.

And please, just try for lightness, fairness, non-judgement, understanding, open-mindedness, and aloha (loving-kindness) first!

This is all I ask, thank you, and mahalo!

Many alohas and shade to those on the long journey! May we all find a comfy spot to rest our weary heads at the end of it!